A great example of a Nakasendo post town where one can visit an interactive ukiyoe art museum

Oi-juku, the 46th post town on the Nakasendo Highway, flourished greatly among the 17 post stations in Mino. There are many structures still standing here that remind us of ancient times like as the gate of the honjin (official inn for dignitaries), the Nagaya-mon Gate, traditional inns, and shoka merchant houses.

The Nakasendo that passes through Oi-juku maintains the exact length and width that it held in the past, there are also the six masugata (curves in the road designed to help defend against an enemy attack) that remain preserved to this day and are said to be among the best of the Nakasendo.

A stop here must include a visit to the Hiroshige Museum of Art, Ena. This museum exhibits many ukiyoe woodblock prints with an emphasis on the artwork of renowned ukiyoe artist Hiroshige Utagawa. In addition to seeing a wide variety of prints, visitors can also learn about the process of making them and create one in person at the Woodblock Print Overprinting Experience Corner!

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Oi, Ena, Gifu


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