An extremely convenient post town to visit and enjoy traditional Japanese sweets

This post town was originally a key point along the ancient Tosando (Eastern Mountain Route), however, it flourished even more after the development of the Nakasendo. The post town cuts through central Nakatsugawa and stretches over a kilometer long; with many narrow streets and tight-knit, wooden buildings, visitors can get a good feel for the flavors of the ancient Nakasendo.

The highlights here are without a doubt the aged structures of the various residences, the storehouse of a wealthy merchant, a sake brewery, and a long-standing sweets shop that specializes in kurikinton (a local chestnut confection).

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Honmachi, Nakatsugawa, Gifu (Nakatsugawa Nakasendo Historical Museum)

岐阜県中津川市本町 (中山道歴史資料館)

Telephone Number 0573-66-1111 (Tourism Division of Nakatsugawa-city)
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