Tourism Organizations in Japan

  • Japan National Tourism Organization
  • SHORYUDO , Go Central Japan
  • GO! Central Japan Tourism Promotion Association

Tourist Information Center

Tourist information centers can be found in or around the main stations and tourist areas of Gifu Prefecture. Drop by to find out the latest travel information or guidance to support you on your trip. In addition to obtaining brochures and maps, you can book hotels or tours, and purchase tickets or discount excursion tickets for public transport.

Gifu’s Weather

In Gifu, the climatic characteristics differ greatly between north and south. A series of mountains, some stretching as high as 3,000 m, run through the north, home to Shirakawa-go and Takayama, and winters are severe with heavy snow fall. From late October at the start of fall to the beginning of spring in April mornings and evenings become very chilly too. In the southern region, the climate differs between the east and west. The western region, where Gifu City is situated, is a vast plain, and while summers are hot, winters are relatively warm compared with the mountainous regions. However, on the east side, where the basins are enclosed by mountains, not only are summers very hot, the winters are very cold too. In Gifu Prefecture, home to diverse climate conditions, visitors can enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms in spring, the green of the mountains and refreshing riverside breezes in summer, gorgeous foliage as the leaves change color in fall, and in winter, a fairytale-like silver world. We recommend you take the time to check the season and climate where you’re staying, and make the necessary preparations for a comfortable holiday.

Free Wi-Fi

In Gifu Prefecture, Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi is available in the vicinity of places such as main train stations and convenience stores. Free Wi-Fi spots within Gifu Prefecture can be checked via the Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi app (iOS/Android) designed for overseas tourists. Once you install this free app available in 16 languages, all of its functions are available for use. We recommend downloading this app before arriving in Japan, as it will allow you to connect to the internet if you access it at any of the 160,000 Wi-Fi spots scattered throughout Gifu Prefecture and Japan.

Disaster-related Information


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