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The Gifu Prefecture Tourism Federation uses cookies on the website (“this Site”). By using this Site, it is deemed that you consent to the use of cookies.

This page explains what cookies are, how cookies are used, how potential third-party partners of the Gifu Prefecture Tourism Federation might use cookies with this service, your choices with regard to cookies, and detailed information about cookies. Please note that this cookie policy may change from time to time.

What are cookies?

Cookies are files and information that store user behaviors and preferences (logins, language, and other preferences with regard to the display, etc.) for a given website when the user accesses the website on the device they are viewing (PC, smartphone, tablet and other devices that connect to the internet). These files and information are stored for use when the website is accessed again. When you use this Site, multiple cookie files may be created on your web browser or local browser.

Cookies generally contain the name of the website that generated the cookie, the lifetime of the cookie (the period of storage on the user’s device), and a numeric value that is made up of a unique number that has been randomly generated. There are two types of cookie — persistent cookies and session (transient) cookies. Persistent cookies remain on the viewing device even after you go offline. Session cookies, on the other hand, are deleted when the web browser is closed.

Websites the user has visited send cookies to the user’s browser to be stored. Cookies enable this Site or third parties to recognize user information, thereby making it more convenient for users moving between pages in the website or revisiting the website.

However, even if cookies are used, it is not possible to obtain information that identifies the user, such as your name or e-mail address or information about other user’s computers.

How we use cookies and the like

Using cookies enables the Gifu Prefecture Tourism Federation to track usage information for this Site, measure this Site’s effectiveness, and analyze how you are utilizing this Site, so they can apply it to improving usability. Cookies may also be used for the purpose of delivering related advertisements.

Moreover, the Gifu Prefecture Tourism Federation may share cookie data with specified third parties, including advertising agencies, data administrators, and information and telecommunications companies, for the purpose of analyzing and improving this Site.

Third-party use of cookies and the like

In addition to cookies, the Gifu Prefecture Tourism Federation may also collect information concerning your usage of this Site, and provide it to social media partners such as Google and Facebook, advertisement distribution partners, and data analysis partners. Each of these partners may use the information provided by the Gifu Prefecture Tourism Federation in conjunction with other information each partner has collected. Other information refers to data provided to each of the partners by you, or data collected by the partner when you used their service.

In one example of how third-party cookies are used, the Gifu Prefecture Tourism Federation uses Google Analytics to measure traffic on this Site, analyze user’s viewing content for this Site, and improve the function and content of the website.

Partners may include parties located outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). The countries in which partners are located include those countries and regions in which the privacy laws differ to the standards of the EEA member states, or protection is less rigorous than EEA member state standards. The data protection laws of these countries may differ from those of the country in which the user is located, and many of the rights guaranteed to users within the EEA may not be granted. The Gifu Prefecture Tourism Federation sets forth general contract provisions based on regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulations to ensure that sufficient measures can be taken with regard to your cookie protection.

Cookies used on this Site

Performance cookies: These cookies are for use by Google Analytics. They collect anonymous statistical data when users make use of this Site.

Other cookies: YouTube uses cookies to play videos embedded in this Site. Google uses cookies for its Maps service to determine the geographical location of the user.

Disabling cookies

Users can withdraw their consent for using cookies through browser settings. Please be aware that deleting cookies or rejecting receipt of cookies may make some or all of the functions provided by the Gifu Prefecture Tourism Federation unavailable, prevent the saving of information set by you, and/or prevent correct display of some of the pages. Please also note that disabling the cookies will not cause any cookies already on your browser to be deleted. Please delete cookies on your own browser using a separate procedure. To delete existing cookies, please see the help pages for the browser you are using.

If you use Chrome, please view the following Google page:

If you use Internet Explorer, please view the following Microsoft page:

If you use Firefox, please view the following Mozilla page:

If you use Safari, please view the following Apple page:

For other web browsers, please view the official webpage for that web browser.

You can also submit complaints to the data protection authorities located in the area in which you reside.

Where to find details regarding cookies and the like

For details regarding third-party cookies, please check the following third-party websites.

Google Analytics

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Google Maps

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Refer to “How Ads Work on Facebook” then “How does Facebook decide which ads to show me? Control the ads you see.”

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For other details regarding the cookies used by the websites and web services linked to this Site, please refer to the individual site or service.

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