A beautifully scenic combination of something old and something new

Lattice housing, old-timey red and rounded post office boxes, and roads surrounded by storehouses with high walls. Kawara-machi has thrived as a riverside port district for merchants since the era of Oda Nobunaga.

This area and its narrow, winding streets are distinctive features of Japanese homes and stores of yesteryear, and there are many establishments that upkeep these original buildings as they were and run stores out of them to this day.

Their numbers have continued to increase for years, and there is presently a great variety of stores, everything from Italian to Chinese restaurants, cafes and sweets shops, and stores selling other miscellaneous goods.

Another attraction of the area is that all of Gifu’s traditional goods are available here, like roasted ayu sweetfish, traditional Japanese sweets made from those same sweetfish, Gifu uchiwa fans, and much more!

The docks where one would board a boat to view the cormorant fishing are also in the same area, and we recommend taking a stroll around the Kawara-machi District before hopping on a boat to enjoy the show!

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Minato-machi, Gifu City


Board a bus bound for Nagarabashi/Takatomi from JR or Meitetsu Gifu Stations, and disembark at the “Nagarabashi” bus stop. 5-minute walk.

Telephone Number 058-266-5588
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