Embraced by a tranquil breeze, walk the historic streets of a town that inherited the kindness of its female castle lord

This historical and cultural castle town has many interesting features that set it apart from other castle towns, such as the plazas where troops would gather or the small canals that flow through the town.

In 1998, Iwamura Castle Town was selected as the 48th most culturally significant preservation district of historic buildings in all of Japan, 3rd in Gifu after Sanmachi in Takayama and Ogimachi in Shirakawa-go.

Blue curtains with the name of Iwamura Castle’s former female castle lord written upon them adorn the eaves of the houses in the castle town, welcoming weary travelers—an example of the thoughtful hospitality extended to guests by the castle lord.

In March of 2013, construction to have all electric wires and telephone poles buried underground was completed, helping restore the genuine, ancient atmosphere of the area.

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Basic Information


Iwamura-cho, Ena-shi, Gifu


Walking distance from Iwamura Station on the Akechi Railway
20 minutes off the Ena Interchange of the Chuo Expressway by car

Telephone Number 0573-43-3231