Gifu’s nature through the senses

With the Hida Mountains (part of the mountain range known as the Japanese Alps) reaching skyward on its northern side, Gifu is home to many outdoor activities in Japan that make the most of its abundant nature. Here you can enjoy skiing at the largest snow resort in western Japan, or try kayaking or rafting on the crystalline waters that flow through the gorges. Cycling or walking through the timeless natural scenery with a guide will help deepen your understanding of Gifu’s natural environment. Let us introduce you to places where you can gulp down huge breaths of fresh air and regenerate yourself from the inside out.

1. Walking/Hiking

Forget your worries and re-energize as you stroll or hike along the natural inheritance carefully preserved for many generations—the untrammeled nature, myriad waterfalls, and historic post towns on the Edo-period Nakasendo historical Highway—coming away with a greater appreciation of nature’s gifts.

2. Cycling

Enjoy a leisurely cycle through nostalgic vistas of an earlier time, traversing pastoral landscapes and historic streetscapes. If you employ a guide, you can deepen both your enjoyment and understanding of Gifu Prefecture.

3. Winter activities

In central and northern Gifu you’ll find many ski fields, centered around Gujo City. In addition to skiing, you can experience a wide range of other winter outdoor activities, including snowshoeing and ice skating.

4. River activities

Home to a network of pristine waterways, Gifu offers a range of different outdoor activities on crystal clear river water, including rafting and fishing. We also recommend making time to watch the cormorant fishing on the Nagara River, a pastime that dates back more than 1300 years. Experience the beauty of the clear waters and abundant nature with every fiber of your body.

5. Other

For those who like to live on the edge, Gifu is home to Japan’s highest bungy jump experience, and for those who just want to relax, why not soak away your fatigue in a hotspring bath or stay in a traditional temple and try some Zen meditation.