Savor regional Gifu food enriched by pure waters and fertile land

Tasting gourmet dishes unique to a region is one of travel’s greatest pleasures. In Gifu’s case, the first thing that comes to mind is Hida Beef. This brand of wagyu beef, raised on pure water amidst vast tracks of land, is melt-in-the-mouth tender, with rich aroma and flavor. Be sure to also try the fresh water ayu that cooks up plump and delicious the super-sweet fruit grown in fertile soil, and other local dishes found only in Gifu prefecture. Here, we’ll introduce you to the local Gifu food you won’t want to miss.

1. Hida Beef

Gifu’s pride, Hida Beef is a brand of Japanese wagyu beef, popular in Japan and abroad for its tender, finely marbled flesh. Choose to eat it as steak, sukiyaki,sushi, or any other of the multitude of different ways it can be enjoyed.

2. Ayu Sweetfish

Ayu, only found in clear waters, is the prefectural fish of Gifu. Known for its rich flavor, it is typically prepared simply by salt-grilling or deep frying. You can also enjoy it grilled on the barbeque.

3. Kei-chan Chicken

Kei-chan is one of the more common regional Gifu food. Made from chicken, it is known for having different flavorings and ingredients depending on the locality and restaurant. Kei-chan can be enjoyed at approximately 50 different restaurants in Gifu.

4. Fruit

In Gifu, where temperatures drop sharply at night, they cultivate a wide range of fruit, including persimmon and strawberries. What’s more, all the fruit is very sweet, and there are opportunities to try picking your own fruit.

5. Other

While in Gifu, be sure to try the local food & drink, including kuri-kinton, a sweet treat made by mashing chestnuts that have been boiled with sugar, mashed, and then molded into a chestnut shape using a tea cloth. Making your way to Gifu prefecture and tasting the dishes crafted by locals is one of the true charms of traveling.