Explore the majestic “Forest of Water,” home to over 200 roaring waterfalls

Located at the foot of Mt. Ontake is Osaka-cho, an area blessed with over 216 waterfalls that are over 5 meters tall. Experience the majestic nature here up close and personal with a choice of 14 different hiking trails. Generally, the use of a certified guide is required, however, there are some routes that can be experienced on your own.

In Gandate Park, one can gaze up at an enormous 72-meter-tall, 120-meter-wide stone cliff that was created by hardened lava from a Mt. Ontake eruption 54,000 years ago. The area is famous for autumn colors and is designated as one of the Top 33 Spots for Autumn Color Viewing in Hida and Mino. The humongous stone cliff and surrounding orange mountainsides are nothing short of breathtaking.

During the average year, peak autumn-color viewing season is from late October to early November.

※Many of the courses here pass through national forest lands and require a Mountain Entry Permit (meaning they are off limits to unregistered visits).

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Basic Information


811-1 Osakacho Akanta, Gero, Gifu (Hida-Osaka 200falls Visitor Center)


By Train: 2 hours from Nagoya Station to Hida-Osaka Station / 2 hours from Toyama Station to Hida-Osaka Station
By Car: 1.5 hours from Tomika IC / 1.5 hours from Nakatsugawa IC / 40 minutes from Takayama IC / 30 minutes from Gero Onsen or Takayama City


From 300 yen; cost varies depending on the course and number of participants
※A 300 yen trail maintenance fee is required in addition to tour fees (when applicable)

Telephone Number 0576-62-2215 (9:00 am – 6:00 pm)
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※The Mitsudaki Course is available to walk without a guide, the trail begins at Gandate Park (300 yen trail maintenance fee required)
※Tours available in English, Portuguese, and Japanese
※While Gandate Park closes for the winter, NPO Hida-Osaka 200 Falls offers various winter-trekking tours that visit frozen waterfalls