An ancient summertime fishing tradition that unfolds just like an ancient Japanese picture scroll

"Ukai” is an ancient fishing method that has been performed in Gifu for 1,300 years in which the fishing master uses cormorants to catch sweetfish. With Gifu Castle looming in the background in the dark of night, the fishing masters and cormorants set about their work, guided by the flaming torchlights at the helms of their boats. Though short in duration, this ceremony transports you back in time with its subtle yet profound beauty. Charlie Chaplin himself came to watch ukai, and he loved it so much that he came back again a second time to see the spectacle.

Ukai is performed every night from May 11th to October 15th, except on days of high water and on the night of the Harvest Moon in autumn. Along the river there is a famous hot spring area, the Nagaragawa Hot Spring, which you should take advantage of if you come to watch ukai!

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Basic Information


May 11th - October 15th Every Year


6:45pm to the end of the fishing ceremony


1-2 Minato-machi, Gifu City, Gifu


10-minute taxi ride from Gifu Station to the viewing boat loading area

Days Closed for Business

No days off during the fishing season except on days when the river water is dangerously high and on the night of the Harvest Moon in autumn


Starting at ¥3,200 (¥1,800 for children)

Telephone Number 058-262-0104
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Reservations are not accepted until early April