Hop on a specialty mountain bike and glide along the rails of abandoned train tracks

By attaching mountain bikes to the tracks of what was once the Kamioka Railway, this area has become home to a brand new kind of attraction.

What makes these bikes special is less the bikes themselves, and more the metal frame (and their guided rollers) that they are fixed to. The back tire sits directly on the rail, and all you need to do to get through these 3-kilometer long courses is to keep peddling—there's no fear of losing your way or falling from the tracks.

All bikes are electric hybrids that use electricity to help push you along and there are attachable benches and child seats as well, making Gattan Go!! the perfect destination for groups of any kind, including couples and families.

The combination of the surrounding mountain scenery and the vibrations/sounds of the rails you ride along make this a fun and unique experience. Two courses, each with unique sights, ensure enough variation and fun to make you wanting more!

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Basic Information


1327-2 Azumo, Kamioka-cho, Hida City 506-1147


Please be aware that the Town Course and Canyon Course starting points are at different locations, please take your own personal car make use of Nohi Bus's special tours that depart from Takayama (see below for Nohi Bus website)

<<<Town Course>>>
・From downtown Hida City: 30~40min drive from JR Hida-Furukawa Station

<<<Canyon Course>>>
・From downtown Hida City: 40~55min drive from JR Hida-Furukawa Station

<<<Nohi Bus Tours>>>

Business Hours

9 am - 4:30 pm
※ Please see the official website for reserving time slots; time may vary depending on season and day of the week

Days Closed for Business

Wednesdays (Open during national holidays when in season)
※ Operations are stopped during the winter from late November to late March


From 2,700 yen per unit (price varies by course and bike-cart type, so please refer to the official website linked below for the latest information)

Telephone Number 090-7020-5852
Website Visit Website

※Online reservation required
※Child seats/pet cages are available (for a fee)
※All bikes are electric assisted
※Above car travel times are only estimations and do not account for traffic so make sure to arrive with time to spare; missed time slots will be counted as cancellations