The post town connecting the Nakasendo to northern Gifu

Ota-juku, the 51st post town on the Nakasendo Highway, is home to one of the highway’s “three hardest places to cross” called the Ota no Watashi (river ferry of Ota). It also acted as the crossroads for both the Hida Highway and Gujo Highway, allowing it to flourish as an hub for regional travel and trade.

The Hayashi Family Residence, which also served as the waki-honjin (secondary inn for passing dignitaries), is designated as an Nationally Important Cultural Asset, while the front gate of the honjin(primary inn for passing dignitaries) and the two masugata (key curves in the road designed to help against the invasion of enemies) are still seen standing to this day and help preserve the traditional post-town atmosphere.
In the exhibition room of the Ota-juku Nakasendo Kaikan, one can learn about the history and culture of Ota-juku.

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3-3-31 Otahonmachi, Minokamo, Gifu (Ota-juku Nakasendo Hall)

岐阜県美濃加茂市太田本町3-3-31 (太田宿中山道会館)

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