The post town that served as a major port for river transportation industries

Akasaka-juku served as a hub for water transportion on the Kuise River for Tanigumisan Kegon-ji Temple pilgrims and local mining industries. The mining of industrial lime and marble had been actively conducted around the town for many centuries, and it had been said that over 500 boats used the port for their main base and were docked there at any given time.

In the post town there are a number of well-maintained sites, such as Akasaka Port and the old Shimizu family residence, that still reflect what they looked like in the past. The Shimizu family residence was built in 1730 using a kirizuma (gabled roof) technique, and since the family was formerly a rice dealer the house has a large room to store rice on the second floor. The residence one of the oldest tradesman houses in the post town and remains open to the public.

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251 Akasakacho, Ogaki, GIfu (Akasakahonjin Park)

岐阜県大垣市赤坂町251 (本陣公園(赤坂宿本陣跡))

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