The post town home to a giant 1,300-year-old Japanese cedar and a nice Nakasendo atmosphere

Okute-juku is located between Biwa Pass to the west and Jusan Pass to the east. Reportedly, many travelers stayed here to refresh themselves while traveling through the hilly passes.

Highlights of Okute-juku include a restored kosatsuba (a public notice boards) and the Okute Shinmei Shrine. The shrine grounds are a giant Japanese cedar that is over 1,300 years old and is designated as a prefectural Natural Monument (please note the tree collapsed during heavy rains in July, 2020). Okute Shinmei Shrine itself was reportedly built between 1596 and 1614.

Kosatsuba were places to publicly post the various announcements of laws and decrees of the central and local government, installed on busy streets to attract attention.

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Okutecho, Mizunami, Gifu


Telephone Number 0572-68-2111 (Commerce and Industry Division of Mizunami-city)
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