A dazzling spectacle of light and sound!

For this event, which in Gifu Prefecture is synonymous with summer, Chunichi Shimbun selects the finest of fireworks shows from all over the nation and has them gather in Gifu to light up the skies over the Nagara River with their breathtaking displays. With the Nagara River as its stage, approximately 30,000 fireworks take to the night sky during this stunning performance.

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Basic Information


The last Saturday of July


7:20pm to 8:45pm


Nagaragawa Riverside, near the Nagara Bridge


Nagaragawa Riverside, Gifu City, Gifu


Shuttle buses are scheduled to begin running to the fireworks site from JR Gifu Station and Meitetsu Gifu Station from 4:00pm

Shuttle buses also run from the Hitoichiba and Gifu Prefectural Government’s temporary parking lots (200 yen one way)

Telephone Number 052-221-0671

Will not be canceled due to light rain. In cases of stormy weather or high tide, the event will be delayed to a later Saturday