Men bearing portable shrines in a fierce shower of flames

Under a shower of fire that flows like a waterfall, groups of men naked from the waist up carry portable shrines loaded with gunpowder. Seeing a tornado of fire emerge from the portable shrines after the gunpowder within has been set ablaze is a sight like no other. The combination of the men’s wild dancing and the thunderous roar of bells and fire crackers make the Tejikara Fire Festival an unforgettable celebration of sound and fire.

The fabulous ceremonial ropes wrapped around the torii (shrine gates) for the festival every year are a sight to behold, coming in at roughly 12.5 meters long, 3 meters in diameters, and weighing roughly one ton.

The Tejikara Fire Festival happens twice a year, once on the second Saturday of April and then again on the second Sunday of August.

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Basic Information


Spring Festival: The second Saturday of April
Summer Festival: The second Sunday of August


Spring Festival: Tejikara-o Shrine
Summer festival: Nagaragawa Park


Kuramae 6-8-22, Gifu City, Gifu


5 minute walk from Tejikara Station on the Kakamigahara Line leaving from Meitetsu Gifu Station

Telephone Number 058-266-5588
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