Enjoy the intoxicating festival atmosphere of Gifu City with the Dosan and
Gifu Festivals

One of Gifu City’s signature festivals, it began as a way of honoring the achievements of Dosan Saito, a hero from Japan’s Warring States period whose brave feats led to the establishment of Gifu City.

While the festival’s primary purpose is to conduct memorial services dedicated to Dosan Saito at Jozai Temple, which is a temple affiliated with Dosan Saito, there are multiple others events that make up the festival, like a parade of mikoshi portable shrines, marching bands, free markets and more! Happening concurrently at Inaba Shrine on the same day, but in particular late at night on the Saturday is the Gifu Festival, which is a deeply moving vigil where spectacular paper lanterns are attached to beautiful floats. You can bathe in the spirituality of this wonderful event as you witness the profound beauty of the lights swaying gently in the darkness, and listen to the enchanting voices of the people carrying the floats calling out in the night. Local businesses and organizations prepare their own floats for the occasion and join in on the festivities, as well.

There are multiple events happening across both days of the festival, but the parade in downtown Gifu and nighttime festivities near Inaba Shrine happen only on the Saturday.

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Basic Information


The first Saturday of April and the following Sunday


Downtown Gifu City


Downtown Gifu City


5 to 15-minute walk from JR Gifu Station or Meitetsu Gifu Station

Telephone Number 058-265-4141
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Paid parking spaces available downtown