A unique festival that brings to mind the blooming of cherry trees through its "flower shrines"

The Mino Festival is truly the kind of event that you can only find in a town like Mino, a current and historical center of Japanese paper production. The festival lasts for two days, and like most festivals it includes a parade of festival floats that make their way around the old part of town. There are also impromptu comedic skits performed on both nights that bring to the festival a lively atmosphere!

The third element to the Mino Festival is, however, its most distinguished. As Mino City is the birthplace of the famed Mino washi paper, the citizens of Mino make sure to take advantage of their city's fine artistry and imbue the festival with a unique flavor. The portable shrines, or "mikoshi," that characterize Shinto festivals are decorated with hundreds of strands adorned with Mino washi flowers, creating a truly stunning spectacle! These eye-catching "flower mikoshi" or "flower shrines" that define the Mino Festival are paraded around the town on Saturday, and when all 30 or so shrines are seen lining the streets in their vibrant pink color, it is easy to picture Mino as filled with giant, wildly dancing cherry blossoms!

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Basic Information


The second Saturday and Sunday of April


Day 1:
"Flower shrine" parade: 9:00am - 3:30pm
Sundown: Impromptu comedic skits

Day 2:
Festival floats parade: 1:00pm -
Sundown: Impromptu comedic skits


Hachiman Shrine, Udatsu no Agaru Machinami (Udatsu-lined Old Streets)


Kamijo, Mino City

Telephone Number 0575-33-1122
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10-minute walk from Mino-shi Station (Nagaragawa Railway)