A large springtime event which roughly 20,000 ceramics lovers flock to from across the country

During this large event in spring, the ceramics stores in Tajimi line the streets with stalls and offer their superbly crafted Mino yaki ceramics for equally superb prices. From everyday items to things you could use at work or plates and bowls for children, there is a wide variety of Mino yaki ceramics that fit all occasions. An event space with special activities is prepared for the festival, making it a great time for parents and children to enjoy spending time together.

Also hosted near the venue are crafting events and pottery displays, meaning potential visitors will have no shortage of things to do! With over 15,000 people visiting each year, the Tajimi Ceramics Festival is symbolic of springtime in Tajimi City!

  • Tradition & History
  • Spring

Basic Information


The second Saturday of April and the following Sunday


Along Honmachi's Oribe Street


Honmachi area, Tajimi City, Gifu


Complimentary shuttle bus available from the parking lot of JR Tajimi Station

Business Hours

Day 1: 9:00am-6:00pm
Day 2: 9:00am-5:00pm
*Times are subject to change

Telephone Number 0572-25-5588

Parking spaces are limited, so please make use of the shuttle bus