A traditional festival with its own unique flavor and raw, primal emotion!

Famed throughout Japan, the Furukawa Festival is composed of three distinct events: the traditional procession of the "mikoshi" portable shrine; the raw, fearless taiko drum performance in the black of night, and a festival float parade to match any other!

Of these three, the most unique is the "okoshi-daiko," or "rousing drum" performance, which features hundreds of half-clad men taking to the streets and, with overflowing emotion and infectious energy, announcing the start of the festival with the pounding of Japanese drums large and small! This drum performance wakes all within hearing range and stirs the spirits and souls of all who are lucky enough to see and FEEL it!

The Furukawa Festival also prides itself on gorgeous floats that are similar to those of the Takayama Festival but have their own unique characteristics, such as those with platforms upon which child kabuki plays are performed. Attending this festival, a designated national Intangible Folk Cultural Property and a registered UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in late 2016, in the old district of Furukawa really makes spectators feel like they have been pulled into an old picture scroll!

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Basic Information


April 19, 20


"Okoshi-daiko": 8:00pm (April 19) - 12:30am (April 20)

April 19: 5:30pm (assemble at 4:30pm) - 7:00pm
April 20: 10:40am (assemble at 8:00am) - 5:30pm (makes several stops along the way)


Furukawa-cho, Hida City


In the immediate vicinity of JR Furukawa Station (Takayama Line)

Telephone Number 0577-74-1192
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