Said to have been founded in the Heian period, this ancient place is counted amongst the most significant of Rinzai zen Buddhism temples

A temple of the Myoshin-ji school of Zen Buddhism that is said to have been built in the Heian period.

This building, made to reproduce the style of Song Dynasty China, boasts an impressive lineage and is renowned as one of Japan’s finest Zen temples.

Located on temple grounds are several valuable and culturally significant sites and items. Historical figure Nakamori Souwa created a tea room and the breathtaking “Manzaido” garden, which is designated as a place of remarkable beauty by the Gifu prefectural government, and a majestic painting of the Bodhidharma, the father of Zen Buddhism, which was created by the legendary Japanese painter Sesshu.

In addition to beautiful works of art by famous artists, Zensho-ji is also home to remarkable treasures of nature, such as a 1200 year old great cedar tree that is designated as an important natural monument by the Japanese government, and plum trees planted by imperial messengers in times long past.

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Basic Information


Churo 1089, Hagiwara-cho, Gero-shi, Gifu


5 minute walk from Zensho-ji Station on the JR Takayama Line

Business Hours

8:30am – 4:30pm
(Open until 4 pm from Nov – Mar)

Days Closed for Business



Adults: 300 yen
15 and under: Free
Groups of 30 or more: 270 yen
※There are times during the New Year’s season where visits are not possible due to events happening at the temple

Telephone Number 0576-52-1353
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Parking lot, capacity 50 vehicles: Free
Parking space available for tour buses