10,000 hydrangea flowers in full-bloom paint the world in a variety of colors!

The town of Itadori in Seki City is a veritable treasure trove of hydrangea, the flower best representative of the month of June in Japan! Lining the Itadori River is the "Hydrangea Road," a 24 kilometer-long stretch with around 7,000 hydgrangea of various colors adorning the side of the road. Add to this the 3,000 or so that make their home in the "21st Century Forest Park" and you have an even 10,000 that dot the landscapes!

During the blooming season, the area becomes the "Seki Hydrangea Village," which acts as a one-stop destination for all hydrangea-related events. The most prominent of these is the "Hydrangea Village Festival," where you can savor the local tastes of Itadori and enjoy a myriad of hands-on activities and events, including ones geared towards children. You can even come away with a free hydrangea seedling so that you can grow your own!

Other nature-centric events include a seminar on catching sweetfish and "river climbing," a kind of mountaineering in which you follow a stream all the way to its mouth!

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21st Century Forest Park


Itadori, Seki City, Gifu


1 hour by car from the Mino IC on the Tokai Hokuriku Expressway

Telephone Number 0581-57-2111
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