An unforgettable trip through a patch of untouched, immaculately preserved nature

No matter which way you turn, the forest grows even deeper… The stunning trees, gradually shifting color with the seasons, surrounded by the calmly flowing and vibrantly shining water of the rivers that flow through the Hichiso area where Mt. Nokoyama stands. The interwoven beauty of the blue waters and greens of nature calm the hearts of those who visit, regardless of season.

In spring, an unusual species of cherry blossom tree begins to bloom, its flowers slowly changing from green to yellow before finally turning pink. The magnificent greenery of the Hisui Gorge is a sight to behold, as well as the lovely azalea flowers that grow amongst the crags and ridges. Visitors who come in the summer will be surrounded not just by the freely blooming rhododendrons that the village of Hichiso has named their official flower, but the lively voices of families, other visitors, and the gentle sound of the mountain’s many babbling brooks.

Autumn is known as the best season for inexperienced climbers looking to enjoy Mt. Nokoyama. The panoramic view of Norikura and the Ontake mountain range combined with the colors of the changing leaves is a sight to behold, as the Hichiso area in which the mountain resides is blessed with bountiful nature.

Starting from Kami-aso Station on the JR Takayama Line or from the roadside station “Rock Garden Hichiso” on National Route 41, it’s only a short hike to the summit of Mt. Nokoyama, enjoying the soothing sounds of water running through the mountain’s rivers the entire way. The 360 degree panoramic view that includes everything from Mt. Ena to Ontake, Norikura and Mt. Shiroyama is breathtaking and more than worth the climb.

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Kami-aso, Hichiso-cho, Kamo-gun, Gifu


Left turn at the traffic lights just past the “Rock Garden Hichiso” roadside station on National Route 41. Follow the road and take a left turn just after the railroad crossing.

15 minute walk from Kami-aso Station on the JR Takayama Line
10 minute walk from the “Rock Garden Hichiso” roadside station

Telephone Number 0578-48-1111
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