This treasure trove of waterfalls and negative ions is bound to refresh your body and soul

In the distance of about a kilometer, see waterfalls of all shapes and sizes and gaze out at the vast mountain ranges of Hida from a park lookout point.

The water source of the 48 waterfalls here is located at an elevation of about 1,300 meters up the mountainside of Mt. Ibushiyama (1,519m). Experience the beauty of mother nature as large clusters of waterfalls wet the surfaces of ancient trees and moss-covered boulders that lie amidst a steeply inclined ravine.

In the autumn one can enjoy exceptional seasonal beauty with how the waterfalls contrast with the surrounding autumn leaves. The park is part of the “Top 33 Spots in Hida and Mino for Autumn-Leaf Viewing” list and normally sees changing fall colors from mid-October to early November.

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Basic Information


3235-86 Utsue Kokufu-cho, Takayama-shi, Gifu 509-4121


15 minutes by car from JR Hida-Furukawa or Hida-Kokufu Station

Days Closed for Business

※During winter months, the waterfall walking path is only open partway because of snow
※Souvenir shop closes from December to March


Trail Maintenance Fee
※Adults 200円
※Children 100円

Telephone Number 0577-72-3948
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