Experience the breathtaking beauty of Yoro Park, celebrated for its cherry blossoms in spring and vibrant fall colors during autumn, all amidst a picturesque landscape

This almost 2-kilometer stretch from Yoro Waterfall to Yoro Station is home to over roughly 3,000 yoshino, higan, and double-flowered cherry trees that dye the entire park a dazzling pink in the springtime. Visitors in autumn can enjoy the stunning gradation of the park's many maple and gingko trees that turn deep shades of yellow and red in the fall. Those who visit when the Yoro park is illuminated can enjoy both the otherworldly atmosphere of these trees lit up at night and the breathtaking nighttime landscape of the Nobi Plains, of which the park is part of.

This location is known as one of the finest spots in Gifu Prefecture to enjoy viewing cherry blossoms or autumn leaves, and those who come to see them are guaranteed to leave satisfied.

Viewing season for cherry blossoms: late March – early April
Viewing season for autumn leaves: mid-November – early December

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Takabayashi, Yoro-cho, Yoro-gun


10-minute walk from Yoro Station on the Yoro Railway

Telephone Number 0584-32-1100
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