See northern Gifu’s only national treasure and an impressive mountain landscape view

Ankoku-ji Temple was first built in 1347 and is home to northern Gifu’s only national treasure, a storehouse that preserves ancient Buddhist scriptures written on woodblocks. This storehouse was built in 1408 and is home to a rotating octagonal sutra shelf; it’s the oldest in Japan and stores around 2,000 sutras that were received from Ming-dynasty (1368~1644) China.

Climb the 1,000 stone steps of the Senshin no Mori Nature Trails, located behind Ankoku-ji Temple, for a breathtaking view of mountains and rice fields (see the Hakusan mountains, Mt. Norikura, and Mt. Ontake). The stone steps and 4-kilometer-long walking path through the forest is sure to refresh the spirit of any visitor that’s up for a little adventure.

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Basic Information


474 Nishimonzen Kokufu-cho, Takayama


【By Car】25min from JR Takayama Sta. or 8min from JR Hida-Kokufu Sta.


500 yen entrance fee for the sutra storehouse

Telephone Number +81-577-32-5328 (Hida Takayama Tourist Information Center)
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