The post town home to Ganko-ji Temple and a flower-sushi workshop

Mitake-juku, the 49th post town along Nakasendo, originally flourished as the town of Ganko-ji Temple and was later recognized as a Nakasendo post town in 1602. It flourished with passage of people, materials, information and culture, and was said to be one of the liveliest post towns in southeastern Gifu.

Amidst the post town's aged streets, to the east of Meitetsu Railway's Mitake Station, are the honjin (primary inn for passing dignitaries) ruins and Shoka no Takeya (bamboo merchant house), which help create an ancient Nakasendo atmosphere. In the Shoka no Takeya, visitors can participate in a unique hana-zushi (flower sushi) workshop that has one making beautiful flower-shaped sushi.

Make sure to visit Ganko-ji Temple, which was first built in 815 and houses 24 Buddha statues that are designated as Nationally Important Cultural Properties.

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1554-1 Mitake, Mitake, Kani District, Gifu (Tourist facility "Wai-Wai kan")

岐阜県可児郡御嵩町御嵩1554-1 (御嶽宿わいわい館)

Telephone Number 0574-67-2111 (Community Development Section of Mitake-cho)
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