Experience the essence of the local lifestyle in Gujo Hachiman as you immerse yourself in the stunning waterways and lively street dances of this historic castle town!

Located upstream of the Nagara River is Gujo Hachiman, which is famous for its Gujo Odori dance in the summer and the beautiful, stunningly clear waters that run through the town. Gujo Hachiman’s local symbol and treasure, Sogi Spring, serves as a testament to and celebration of the area’s pure waters.

While walking the ancient streets of Shokunin-machi and Kajiya-machi, which were named as such because they were where the city’s local craftsmen and blacksmiths had been concentrated, one can enjoy seeing stunning canals running along the old homes of this breathtaking old district.

The houses of Yanagimachi retain the distinct flavor of an ancient samurai village, and are distinguished by the winged wall that separates one house from another. In Gujo Hachiman, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the unchanged essence of the local lifestyle, which has persisted since the Edo period.

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Kajiya-machi, Hachiman-cho, Gujo City, Gifu 501-4218


Take the Nagaragawa Railway to Gujo Hachiman Station and take the Red Route of the Mame Bus to the Jouka-machi Plaza bus stop (13 minutes).

Telephone Number 0575-67-0002
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