A new culinary classic in the old town of Mitake-cho!

Try your hand at creating rolls of sushi with different flowers as their motif. Examples include the peony flower, used as the emblem of Ganko-ji Temple on the Nakasendo Highway in the Mitake-cho area, and the official flower of nearby Kani City: the rose!

Mitake’s hana-zushi is also made with great emphasis placed on the use of local ingredients. Both delicious and pleasing to the eye, we encourage you to come down and try making this satisfying and aesthetically pleasing cuisine for yourself.

(The photos below are from a program conducted in conjunction with the nearby Oni Iwa Onsen, and their contents differ from the standard hana-zushi experience.)

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Basic Information


1446 Mitake , Mitake-cho, Kani-gun, Gifu 505-0116


Short walk from Mitake Station on the Hiromi Line of the Nagoya Railroad
10 minutes from the Kani-Mitake Interchange on the Tokai-Kanjo Expressway by car


¥2,000 (example for making 2 types of hana-zushi requiring 90 min)

Telephone Number 080-3670-4552

※Reservations at least five days in advance are required
※The content of the workshop itself is very flexible and can be changed depending on the wishes of the participating group (cost and required time will change as well)
※While Japanese is needed to make reservations, it is not needed for the workshops itself