Kurikinton are delicious chestnut treats and among one of Gifu’s most well-known traditional sweets

These delectable sweets are created by simply mashing fresh chestnuts, boiling them with sugar, and then shaping them dry with a tea cloth so that the final product resembles that of a chestnut.

Kurikinton's simple yet delightful combination of ingredients brings out the natural chestnut flavor and offers a refined sweetness, making it a perfect complement to tea or coffee.

Kurikinton were thought of to be created in southeast Gifu, an area known for producing high-quality chestnuts, where many historical confectionaries continue to sell their sweets to this very day.

This refined chestnut treat is something you don’t want to miss!

  • Food & Drink
  • Autumn

Basic Information


Ena, Nakatsugawa, and Yaotsu


*Kurikinton are only made from September to winter (actual period varies with each confectionary)
*Kurikinton only last 1~3 days after created so they are best eaten right away