An old post town amidst beautiful rural Japan

Hosokute-juku was first established in 1610 as a temporary post town between Okute-juku to the east and Mitake-juku to the west. It was originally built to alleviate the major congestion of travelers along this section of Nakasendo that had stemmed from great distance that was between Okute- and Mitake-juku.

Daikokuya, an inn that was originally built during the Edo period, welcomes its guests with its timeless architecture and atmosphere. It is popular among visitors from overseas, especially those who are traveling the Nakasendo on foot. The hotel has a gallery and a café on the first floor that serves lunch (reservation required). From the guest rooms on the second floor one can enjoy the calm scenery of the countryside.

Along the mountain path between Hosokute-juku and Okute-juku, there are several places where one can experience the history and nature of the Nakasendo like Biwa Pass and Benten Pond.

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7905-1 Hiyoshicho, Mizunami, Gifu (Ryokan Daikokuya)

岐阜県瑞浪市日吉町7905-1 (大黒屋)

Telephone Number 0572-68-2111 (Commerce and Industry Division of Mizunami-city)
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