The intensity and emotion of this memorable event will be carved into your heart and soul.

This four day event is the largest in Gero, featuring celebrations like the Dragon Fire Festival, a parade of portable shrines and people performing the Gero odori dance, a marvellous display of musical fireworks, traditional folk music performances and a summer festival complete with food stalls.

During the Dragon Fire Festival, five dragons and portable shrines move about the town, coming to a climax when they all gather on the Shirasagi-bashi Bridge. Sparks fly and the thunderous roar of firecrackers will fill your ears as you witness the wild, energetic movements of the men of Gero as they dance amongst the flames.

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Basic Information


August 1st to 4th


The streets of Gero Hot Springs Village


Gero City, Gifu


5 minute walk from Gero Station on the JR Takayama line

Telephone Number 0576-25-4711
Website Visit Website

1000 parking spaces available (including temporary lots)