The post town home to Gifu's only fully intact honjin

Ochiai-juku is located just 3.9 kilometers from Nakatsugawa-juku, the shortest distance between any two post stations along the entire Nakasendo.

Highlights of this small post town are the honjin (official inn for dignitaries) and nearby cobblestone paths. This is the only honjin in Gifu Prefecture that has preserved all the architectural structures of the building (including the garden and gate) in their original condition.

Located nearby is the Ochiai Cobblestone Path, consisting of 840 meters of road that are designated as a national Historic Site. The cobblestone path crosses through picturesque bamboo forests, not to mention 70 meters of road are of the original path, allowing for one to get an authentic Nakasendo experience.

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Ochiai, Nakatsugawa, Gifu (Main spot "honjin")

岐阜県中津川市落合 (落合宿の本陣)

Telephone Number 0573-66-1111 (Tourism Division of Nakatsugawa-city)
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