A beautiful park located near the remains of where Takayama Castle stood during the Warring States period

Located near the former site of Takayama Castle, which was known as the finest mountaintop castle in all of Japan during the Warring States period, Shiroyama Park is blessed with bountiful nature and a tranquil atmosphere, making it the perfect spot for a peaceful stroll through the woods.

Many cherry blossom trees grow within the park and visitors can take in a panoramic view of Takayama City while surrounded by blooming blossoms, which is why Shiroyama Park is known as one of the best spots in the Hida area for basking in their beauty.

(Cherry blossoms begin to bloom in mid-April)

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Basic Information


1-1 Shiroyama, Takayama City, Gifu


7 minute drive or 20 minute walk from JR Takayama Station

Telephone Number 0577-32-3333
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Space available for approximately 15 regular size vehicles