Experience the impressive beauty of Mother Nature

Amou Prefectural Natural Park is home to a grand outdoors that's blessed with ever-changing seasonal beauty. The area is home to many must-see natural attractions like marshlands that boast skunk-cabbage plants and beautiful dwarf daylilies, old-growth forests where ancient beech and Japanese Judas trees stand together closely knit, and Mt. Mominukayama, where you look out over the vast Northern Japan Alps.

The autumn colors here can be seen as early as October and are considered to be one of the prefecture’s most beautiful areas for autumn-leaf viewing (it was chosen as one of the Top 33 Autumn Leaf Spots in Hida and Mino). In particular, the autumn-colored panoramic view of the majestic Northern Japan Alps to the east and Hakusan Mountain Range to the west is out of this world!

Peak Period for Autumn Colors (during the average year): Mid to late October

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Basic Information


Amou Pass (Amou Kawai-cho, Hida City, Gifu)


Amou Pass Parking Lot is located in between Hida City and Shirakawa-go on National Route 360

*** Car Access ***
From Shirakawa-go Shiroyama Lookout Point: 21 min
From JR Hida-Furukawa Station: 48 min


Trail Maintenance Fee: 500円

Telephone Number 0577-74-1192
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※ Please use the Amou Pass Parking Lot
※ Amou Pass closes from early to mid-November through late May