The beautiful shibazakura garden all hand grown by grandma Kunita
It’s difficult to believe that the colorful shibazakura (literally meaning “lawn sakura” shibazakura are a plant that flowers along the ground) fields of the Kunita Family Shibazakura Garden have been singlehandedly maintained and managed by grandma Kunita since 1961. The charming shibazakura flowers of white, pink, and light purple shades blossom every year from late April to early May. It almost appears as if the whole hillside is covered with beautifully crafted rug. Just one step into the shibazakura fields and one will find themselves surrounded by a sweet flowery scent. The garden has become so popular that during the blossoming period it attracts crowds of flower-enthusiasts. The garden received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award in 1992 and the Prime Minister’s Award in 1996.
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Basic Information

Address Meiho Okuzumi, Gujo, Gifu 501-4305
Access From Gujo Hachiman drive north on the Seseragi Highway (National Highway 472) for about 30 min
Telephone Number 0575-87-2844
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Notes Shibazakura normally blossom from late April to early May during the average year