The post town located in a place that took center stage in Japanese history

Sekigahara-juku, the 58th post station along the Nakasendo Highway, has for a long time been an important intersection for travel and commerce because of its close proximity to the perilous Imasu Pass, Hokkoku Kaido Highway, and Ise Kaido Highway.

While there is no longer a honjin (the main inn for passing dignitaries), the original gate of the waki-honjin (secondary honjin) remains as it was in the past. A Hachiman Shrine is built over the previous honjin in which a giant sudajii tree (species of chinquapin) still remains thickly covered with leaves. It is believed that this tree was in the original garden of the honjin.

You can also see Nogami’s Pine Tree Street, a street lined with precious pine trees that remain from the time of the Nakasendo Highway’s golden age. This is the only post station along the Nakasendo Highway in Gifu that offers such a sight.

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902 Oaza Sekigahara, Sekigahara, Fuwa District, Gifu (Main ruin "waki honjin")

岐阜県関ケ原町大字関ケ原902 (脇本陣跡)

Telephone Number 0584-43-1111 (Community Promotion Section of Sekigahara-cho)
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