Feel like an ancient Edo-period traveler in this restored post town

Thanks to recent restoration projects in Unuma-juku, the flavors of the Nakasendo can be enjoyed here.

The sites of the waki-honjin (secondary inn for passing dignitaries) and Machiya Hall are open to the public, and one can see the distinct features of machiyazukuri (old merchant-house architecture) such as udatsu fire walls and earthen floors. Don't miss the warehouses of the Kikukawa Brewery that have been designated National Tangible Cultural Properties.

Udatsu fire-walls were originally installed to prevent the spread of fire between tightly knit buildings, however, years later more importance was placed on its decorative nature and was often used to show family status. It has been said that udatsu in Unuma-juku were created with reference to those of the waki-honjin (subsidiary inn) in Ota-juku.

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1-137 Unumanishimachi, Kakamigahara, Gifu (Main ruin "Unuma-juku waki honjin")

岐阜県各務原市鵜沼西町1-137 (鵜沼宿脇本陣)

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