Illuminated cherry trees that will take your breath away!
Taking their collective name from the old tradition of preparing rice fields for the planting of seedlings--around which time the blossoms would bloom--these two giant cherry trees are thought to be over 400 years old. When the buds begin to open, the trees are illuminated at night, creating the enchanting sight of the trees mirrored by their crystal-clear reflection in the flooded rice paddy before them! While this is not an area that boasts thousands of cherry trees, these two make a very unique, alluring spot to appreciate the beauty of cherry blossoms!
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  • Spring

Basic Information

Address Wasa, Gero City, Gifu
Access 20-minute walk from JR Yakeishi Station (Takayama Line) 20-minute drive from the Gero Hot Spring area
Telephone Number 0576-24-2222
Notes Cherry blossoms usually in full-bloom around mid-April