The stunning ruins of a mountaintop castle that are treasured by a nation

The stone walls of the ruins of Naegi Castle, which appropriate massive, naturally occurring boulders as-is in their construction, are considered quite unique amongst Japanese castles. These walls have an undeniable allure that must be seen to be believed.

An inexplicable attraction to stone walls is not necessary to enjoy this location, however, as the scenery from the viewpoint atop the ruins is simply to die for. Visitors are rewarded with a breathtaking glimpse of not only Nakatsugawa City, but of the beautiful Ena Mountain as well.

Located just beneath the viewpoint is a small spot dedicated to the guardian spirits of the Toyama family, the Eight Great Dragon Kings. The area is also home to a fascinating legend that tells of a dragon god. The Naegi Toyama Museum is located nearby and we promise that anyone with an interest in history will find it worth their time to pay it a visit!

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Basic Information


Naegi, Nakatsugawa City


13 minutes by car from JR Nakatsugawa Station.
Direct bus from station is available during spring and autumn (check website for dates).
For all other times of the year please use the Kashimo or Tsukechikyo Line of Kitaena Bus.

Telephone Number 0573-66-8181
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