See the pond that’s nicknamed “Monet’s Pond” for its beautiful water lilies, Japanese carp, and crystal-clear turquoise water

While this pond may be nameless, it sure has caused quite a stir online. Nicknamed “Monet’s Pond,” this spontaneous masterpiece was just an ordinary pond next to Nemichi Shrine until its exposure to social media in 2015.

The water lilies floating in the glass-like water create a picturesque scene that resembles many of the works in Claude Monet’s “Water Lilies” series. Throw in the colorful Japanese carp that swim under the water lilies, and you can imagine why it is sometimes referred to as “Monet’s Japanese Pond.” The pond becomes even more stunning in the early summer, when the water lily flowers are in full bloom, and in late autumn, when the Japanese maples surrounding the pond turn red.

For more information please refer to our Go Gifu blog post about the pond。

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Nemichi Shrine, Itadori, Seki Shi, Gifu Ken 501-2901


See our Go Gifu blog post for more information on how to reach the pond



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There are now three parking lots available to use.