Experience this dream-like world 250 million years in the making

Recognized as the highest limestone cave in all of Japan – located at an elevation of 900 meters above sea level – the Hida Great Limestone Cave offers 800 meters of maze-like tunnels that were created 250 million years ago when the surrounding area was actually covered by ocean water.

Explore tunnels that are illuminated with colorful lights, turning it from a cavern that would normally be pitch-black into a multicolored wonderland that’s out of this world! The cave is also known for its helictite, a rare type of stalactite that can be curved or angular.

In addition to the limestone caves, one can also visit the Ohashi Collection Kan Museum that displays 1,000 art and decorative pieces from all over the world.

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Basic Information


1147 Hiyomo, Nyukawacho, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture


・ Public Transportation: take a bus from the Takayama Nohi Bus Terminal towards Hirayu or Shinhotaka and get off at Shonyudo-guchi (about 30 min; after getting off the bus call a cave shuttle bus with the interphone)
・ Car: 28 minutes from Takayama heading towards Okuhida Onsen Villages

Business Hours

【April~October】 8:00~17:00
【November~March】 9:00~16:00

Days Closed for Business

Open all-year-long (365 days)


Cave and Museum Admission (only available together as a set)
・ High school students and older: 1,100 yen
・ Primary and middle school students: 550 yen

Telephone Number +81-577-32-5328 (Hida Takayama Tourist Information Center)
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The year-round average temperature inside the cave is a cool 12℃ (53.6°F) so make sure to dress accordingly