Relive Japan's largest and most decisive samurai battle
The year is 1600 and Japan is divided into countless factions vying for power in an age of violence and turmoil known as the Warring States period. One foggy October morning, 160,000 samurai belonging to the eastern forces of Ieyasu Tokugawa and western forces of Mitsunari Ishida came head to head in a battle that ended up deciding the fate of Japan. The Gifu Sekigahara Battlefield Memorial Museum, a state-of-the-art visitors center with various exhibits that will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of the decisive Battle at Sekigahara, will open its doors on July 18, 2020. Don't just learn about the battle, travel back in time and experience what the atmosphere of the battlefield was like on the day it was fought. With various exhibitions, the Grounds Vision Theater, VR simulations, and a 5th floor observation room, the museum is a worthwhile visit for anyone from history buffs to international visitors and children.
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Notes Museum opens July 18, 2020