As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainable tourism, Gifu Prefecture has recently announced a new tourism programme presenting sustainable tourism destinations touted to gain worldwide attention. The first of the “Next Gifu Heritage” tourism programme features two spots – Osaka Town, Gero City’s “Hida Osaka ~ tour waterfall and hot springs, experience nature’s blessings”, and Iwamura Town, Ena City’s “Iwamura, Ena ~ tour rural landscapes, discover Japan’s history”.

The “Hida Osaka ~ tour waterfall and hot springs, experience nature’s blessings” programme has been highly evaluated for offering a variety of activities such as canyoning in summer and touring frozen waterfalls in winter, highlighting over 200 waterfalls in the area. There are also overnight stays organised in conjunction with Gero Hot Springs and other places.

The “Iwamura, Ena ~ tour rural landscapes, discover Japan’s history” programme in Iwamura Town, Ena City, is highly acclaimed for the traditional Japanese landscapes that have been well-preserved, such as the ruins of Iwamura Castle, one of Japan’s three great mountain castles; Iwamura Castle Town, one of Japan’s Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings; and the Tomida district, designated as Japan’s most beautiful traditional rural landscape. This is all due to the great effort that the villagers put into maintaining the living area and surroundings.

How about checking out these fantastic locations and the various amazing things available during your next visit to Gifu?

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