Walk through the heavenly tea plantation "Gifu's Machu Picchu"

For around 500 years, tea has been cultivated on a large scale in the Kamigare District of Kasuga, Ibigawa-cho. Even today, tea fields extend over 11 hectares at altitudes between 300–380 meters.

The beautiful terraced tea fields in mountain valleys bring to mind the World Heritage Site of Machu Picchu in Peru, leading way to nicknames like “Machu Picchu in Gifu” and the “Tea Plantation of the Heavens.”

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Kasugarokugo, Ibigawa, Ibi District, Gifu


※By Foot: 20 minutes from the parking space
※By Car: 20 minutes from Shimookajima
※By Train/Bus: 30 minutes from Ogaki Station to Ibi Station then 20 minutes with the Fureai Bus Kasuga Line (weekends, get off at "Miyanoshita" bus stop) or Hanamomo shuttle (weekdays, reservations required, ride to "90 Kamigare Chakojo")

Telephone Number 0585-22-2111
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