This annual four-day festival is Gero’s largest summer event, with plenty of fireworks and very special performances to be enjoyed, like the very dynamic and spectacular Dragon-God Fire Festival!!

Brief schedule

🔹 8/1 (Thur)
Dragon-God Fire Festival (five dragons will make a grand appearance during the parade), Children’s Mikoshi

🔹 8/2 (Fri)
Mikoshi and samba parades, Gero Dance, Minyo Nagashi (traditional folk dance parade)

🔹 8/3 (Sat)
Hot Spring Thanksgiving Festival, Gero Hot Springs Summer Firework Musical Performance, Gero Dance

🔹 8/4 (Sun)
Special Performances at the Gero Onsen Summer Festival

While you’re there, don’t forget to have a soak in Gero’s Hot Springs, one of the three most famous onsens in all of Japan. Here’s to living it up this summer!!

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