Hida Furukawa’s biggest event is making a rousing appearance on April 19th and 20th (Fri and Sat)!

The Furukawa Festival features:

  • the “raw energy” of the Okoshi-daiko ( “Drum of Awakening”) meant to stir the local residents awake from their wintry slumber
  • the “calmness” of the elaborate festival floats and peaceful mikoshi procession
  • lion dances
  • karakuri marionette performances
  • children’s kabuki performances

The tradition and uniqueness of this 400-year-old event has been duly recognised with designation as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2016.

This event is held yearly every April 19th and 20th, so you’ll know when to head over to Furukawa to be a part of the festivities in the years to come!

For more info:
https://www.city.hida.gifu.jp/soshiki/15/furukawa-festival.html (Japanese)
https://www.hida-kankou.jp/event/408 (Japanese)