The weather is slooooowly cooling down which means autumn is making its way to Gifu. And with it, a whole list of festivals to look forward to! This will be the first post of many to promote Gifu’s Autumn Festivals.

Seki’s katana were always said to “not bend or break, and are incredibly sharp”, making them a favourite of samurai warlords all over Japan! The same technology used to create those superior katana is alive to this very day, utilised in the city’s blade and cutlery industry.

What better place to learn more about Japan’s swordsmithing culture or shop for some high-quality knives?
The Seki Cutlery Festival is easily the largest event held in Seki and offers a variety of different activities:

  • Cutlery (and other bladed tools) Market – merchandise is sold directly by the manufacturer, so expect very reasonable prices!!
  • Outdoor Knife Show
  • Traditional Swordsmithing Demonstrations
  • Martial Arts Demonstrations, Wadaiko (Japanese Drums) and Dance Performances

【Dates】: 7th (Saturday) and 8th (Sunday) of October
【Time】: 10am – 5pm

For more info: