Gifu Day celebrations at the Rakuten Taoyuan Baseball Stadium in Taoyuan City, Taiwan were a smashing success thanks to overwhelming support from everyone!! The long-awaited event was postponed from September 6th to the 11th due to inclement weather, but the excitement from the crowd was clear for everyone to see! Events included an exciting baseball match, Hida Beef tasting as well as a variety of luxurious prizes to be won!

The Rakuten Monkeys did a fantastic job during the match, scoring seven runs in six innings to clench victory! Hot springs resort packages were awarded to lucky draw winners and MVP players.

Throughout the event, a promotional video starring the Rakuten Girls Nikki, Tanya, and Yuri on a fun-filled trip to different Gifu tourist spots was shown. Curious as to which areas were featured? Check out our previous article here!

Supporters back home in Japan were in on the news too, allowing them to share in the great excitement shared by everyone in the stadium.

Gifu Shimbun article: (Japanese)

We’re absolutely thankful for this wonderful opportunity for people in Taiwan to get to know and celebrate all things Gifu!!

Please look forward to news about specialties in the coming seasons like autumn leaves and skiing. Gifu Prefecture awaits your visit!