Three members of the Rakuten Girls, cheerleaders of the Taiwanese professional baseball team Rakuten Monkeys, were here in Gifu Prefecture to film a tourism promotional video to be aired on the 6th of September at the Rakuten Taoyuan Baseball Stadium. There will be a very special “Gifu Day” event held on that day along with an exciting baseball match, with Hida Beef tasting as well as a variety of luxurious prizes featuring destinations like:

with even a 20,000 yen hot springs resort package up for grabs!!

Nikki, Tanya, and Yuri had a field day checking out various places starting with the Kawaramachi District, before moving on to Shirakawa-go and Takayama.

Here’s to an exciting “Gifu Day” on the 6th September, and may many more people experiencing Gifu’s goodness for themselves in the months to come!